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Gun Repair

London Gun Services Repair Price List

London Gun Services offer a full repair service for your treasured firearms. Our gunsmiths have over 60 years' experience in the trade and are familiar with working on all types of firearms. Please see our retail price list below.

Please call us or arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements with our experts, we can organise just about anything you may need, no matter how unique your requirements. 

London Gun Services has been working closely with a number of highly-skilled gunsmiths for many years now, which means we have an expert on-hand and ready to professionally solve your issues.

General Repairs



Over & Under Service (Strip Clean & Regulate)   £170.00
Round Bodied Gun Service (Strip Clean & Regulate includes blacking of furniture)   £280.00
Boxlock Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture)   £250.00
Sidelock Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture)   £280.00
Replace firing pins/striker per side – from   £100.00
Replace mainspring over & under – from   £120.00
Replace mainspring side by side – from   £175.00
Replace ejector springs over & under – from   £105.00
Replace ejector springs side by side – from   £130.00
Regulate trigger pulls (per side) – from   £95.00

Barrel Work



Black barrels (prepared and cleaned off)   £320.00
Brown Barrels   £430.00
Re-lay ribs and black   £1200.00
Purdey type cross pin – from (not including engraving)   £280.00
Jointing – from   £230.00
Tighten – from   £130.00
Lapping per thou – from   £75.00
Dents -   P.O.A

Re-Proof and other work to be quoted.


Please note: New barrels are guaranteed, but failure of the action can occur during proof. In the case of re-proof, both the original barrels or action can fail. Failures are rare and can only be found out during actual proof testing. Customers are liable for all costs incurred to the proof stage, including the proof charges.


Woodwork Repairs



Restore wood and re-polish stock/forend (French finish)   £325.00
Restore wood and re-polish stock/forend (English oil finish)   £480.00
Clean out existing chequering   P.O.A
Re-chequering   P.O.A
Lengthen with pad/vulcanite   £210.00
Lengthen with 'Silvers' pad   £265.00
Lengthen with wood and re-chequer end (wood not included)   £225.00
Set stock one way   £80.00
Set stock two ways   £150.00
Shorten, refit original pad or plate   £125.00

Re-stocking of Boxlock, Sidelock (wood extra)

Forend re-stocking   P.O.A

We hold a variety of Turkish Walnut blanks in stock for you to view which are suitable for side by sides and over and unders including pairs.

Please contact us for details P.O.A


Shop Opening Times

Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday  (1st August – 31st Jan) 12noon – 5 pm

By appointment times for existing storage customers

Monday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm
Saturday 7 am – 6 pm
Sunday 12noon – 5 pm By Appointment only (from 11/2/2018)

Out of hours appointment charges apply.


Out of hours appointment charges

Monday – Friday

5 am – 6 am - £60
6 am – 7 am - £50
7 pm-8 pm - £50
8 pm – 9 pm - £60

Saturday - Sunday

Please call to discuss your
requirements and our charges

By appointment times must be agreed via email before the appointment (using booking@londongunservices.co.uk). 

All chargeable out of hours appointments must be booked via booking@londongunservices.co.uk with charges being paid in advance.

Third party collections will incur a £12 administration charge.


All by appointment times are booked in 15-minute time slots (whether chargeable or not), late or no arrival will incur a charge of £10.



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