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Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Application


The company shall perform all its duties with a reasonable degree of care, diligence, and skill.

(a) A minimum of 4 hours’ notice required for collection/delivery within the M25. 
(b) For collection/delivery outside of the M25, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required
(c) Any congestion/toll charges during chargeable hours will be passed on to the customer. 
(d) Delivery to your preferred location outside of the M25 will incur additional cost to be agreed at the time of booking. 
(e) Firearms and ammunition cannot be stored without providing a valid and original shotgun/firearms license. Note that the original license holder must be present upon delivery/collection.
(f) Aborted deliveries due to the customer being absent or unable to supply the required licenses will incur a charge. 
(g) The company does not take responsibility for aborted deliveries due to point (e). 
(h) The company does not take responsibility for aborted/late collections/deliveries due to circumstances out of their control.
(i) All services are required to be confirmed by the company. No liability is accepted by the company until confirmation is received. 
(j) Before the release of any item belonging to a customer which is in our care, all outstanding balances must be paid in full. In the event that an account is not settled the company reserves the right to sell any goods being held to recover the outstanding balance.
(K) Administration charges will be applied for guns being booked in/out, this charge also applies for guns collected/delivered to/from third parties.


Delivery & collection of firearms & out of hours service

(a) Collection & drop off of Section 1 & 2 can be made by prior arrangement between the hours of 07:00-19:00 Monday-Friday, 07:00-18:00 Saturday, Sunday (1st August-31st January) 12:00-17:00 at our King’s Road address.


(b)Collection & drop off of Section 1 & 2 may be possible outside of these hours subject to a service charge please see tariff’s at www.londongunservices.co.uk


(c) No Courier collection/delivery service to be made on Sunday’s except for legal emergencies or a direct request from a police authority, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.


(d) All collections and drop offs must be booked in advance - Please be aware that a charge of £25 will be applied if you fail to arrive at the agreed time and location within 15 minutes. 

(e) Appointments can be changed but we require at least 3 hours’ notice (or a £25 administration charge will apply)


24/7 firearms and ammunition delivery

(a) All deliveries must be booked in advance.

(b) Please be aware that a late charge will be applied if the recipient is not present within 15 minutes of their pre-agreed delivery timeslot. 

(c) Appointments can be changed but we require at least 3 hours’ notice (or a £25 administration charge will apply)



(a) The company will endeavor to quote for all nature of repairs but this may be subject to change upon review of the firearms in question, and/or once a repair has commenced. The company will take no responsibility for any additional works deemed necessary.

(b) For collection/delivery of repair items please see notes 1. (a) – (k)



(a) For collection/deliveries please see notes 1. (a) – (k)


Gun Hire/Rental

(a) The company is only able to supply the rental of Section 2 Shotguns.

(b) These are only available for a 72 hour pre-arranged period. Any period over 72 hours will incur a fine of £250.00* and details will be passed on to the relevant police authorities (*unless previous arrangements have been agreed.)

(c) 48 hours’ notice is required as well as a copy of the shotgun certificate emailed to the company beforehand. A rental gun can only be supplied to the certificate holder in person upon the presentation of their licence

(d) Gun rentals are only available between 09:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00 Saturday

(e) We endeavour to provide shotguns in the best possible working order, however, we cannot take responsibility for any unforeseen malfunctions which may occur during the gun’s hire

(f) The gun will be inspected on delivery and collection and the customer is required to return the rental gun in its original condition. If any damage has been sustained while on rental the customer will be liable for the repair costs in full.


(a) The company will make its valuation based upon a current replacement value at the time of the valuation.

Visitors Permits

(a) A charge of £50.00+VAT applies to existing LGS customers (£120.00+VAT for new customers), to be paid in advance for an application to be processed and sponsored by the company on your behalf.

(b) An estimated time frame will be given upon inquiry. Please note this is subject to change at any time.

(c) Unfortunately, any unsuccessful applications cannot be refunded

Import and Export

(a) All quotes given will be an estimated cost for the Import/Export. These are subject to change at any time during the Import/Export process.

(b) Import/Export times vary depending on the country in question and are quoted and dealt with on an individual basis.

(c) For collection/deliveries of any imports/exports please see notes 1. (a) – (k)

Trade Services

(a) Trade customers are subject to the same terms as our other customers as set out above

Hotel Services

(a) For collection/deliveries please see notes 1. (a) – (k)

(b) The company is happy to undertake ‘white labelling’ upon a contract being drawn and agreed by both parties.

(c) Please go to http://www.londongunservices.co.uk/index.php?page=hotel-services  for hotel charges.


(a) The company accepts no responsibility for goods damaged while being embossed.

(b) All embossing lettering must be confirmed in writing before proceeding.


(a) For collection/deliveries please see notes 1. (a) – (k)

(b) We reserve the right to add additional charges to cover the cost of parking or any other costs incurred during collection/delivery. In the event of cancellations, delays, or other unavoidable events, we reserve the right to charge the pre-agreed fees. However, we understand these things can be out of our customers’ control and would prefer to be notified in advance whereby we can make alternative arrangements.

(c) please go to http://www.londongunservices.co.uk/index.php?page=visitor-services  for Airport service charges.

Liability and Limitation

The company will perform its duties with reasonable diligence, skill, and care. 

The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or cost incurred as a result of road traffic accidents, strikes, lockout, or other unforeseen events, the consequences of which the company is unable to avoid through the exercise of reasonable diligence.



Shop Opening Times

Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday  (1st August – 31st Jan) 12noon – 5 pm

By appointment times for existing storage customers

Monday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm
Saturday 7 am – 6 pm
Sunday 12noon – 5 pm By Appointment only (from 11/2/2018)

Out of hours appointment charges apply.


Out of hours appointment charges

Monday – Friday

5 am – 6 am - £60
6 am – 7 am - £50
7 pm-8 pm - £50
8 pm – 9 pm - £60

Saturday - Sunday

Please call to discuss your
requirements and our charges

By appointment times must be agreed via email before the appointment (using booking@londongunservices.co.uk). 

All chargeable out of hours appointments must be booked via booking@londongunservices.co.uk with charges being paid in advance.

Third party collections will incur a £12 administration charge.


All by appointment times are booked in 15-minute time slots (whether chargeable or not), late or no arrival will incur a charge of £10.



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